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Why You Should Designate Power of Attorney. Estate Planning 101.

Power of Attorney is an aspect of Estate Planning which is overlooked too frequently. What would happen if you were suddenly seriously injured in an auto accident? Perhaps your spouse or your life partner is in the accident with you.

Who will manage your financial affairs? Who will make payment of the mortgage or the taxes on your property? Who will consult with your financial advisor to determine whether certain assets should be sold or liquidated in order to provide you with income during your disability?

Mr. Bernstein advises his clients on the importance of Powers of Attorney and naming an alternate agent in the event that your initial agent has been injured as well or has predeceased you.

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If you have a questions to our Estate Planning Attorney, please feel free to contact our office. The office of Robert Bernstein - Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney located in Parsippany, NJ. CALL: 973-434-3300, or make your inquiry now: HERE


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